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Dr. Mohammed A. Bamyeh

Arab Revolutions and the Making of a New Patriotism

Professor Dr. Dr. Peter Scholz

Legal Aspects of the political Change in the Middle East

Isabel Schäfer

Vom Kulturkonflikt zum Kulturdialog? Die kulturelle Dimension der Euro-Mediterranen Partnerschaft (EMP)

Dr. Musa Shteiwei

Arab Women and the Arab Spring: The Revolution within

Dr. Ayse Zarakol

Turkey and the Arab World: A Reconvergence of Destinies

Dr. Özlem Tür

Deepening Syrian-Turkish-Relations in the 2000s: Common Security Concerns, Economic Integration and Limitations

Dr. Carsten Wieland

Syrian Scenarios and the Levant's Insecure Future

Konstantin Kosten

"Tunes tunest, Iran nemitunest" Reconcilation as a Tool for Peaceful Change in Iran?

Nikolas Hünseler

Islamist and Democrat? Rachid al-Ghannouchi's Concept of an 'Islamic Democracy' and his Perspectives in post-Ben Ali Tunisia

Katharina Schmoll

NATO and the Middle East. The geopolitical context post-9/11

Lea Tomppert

The Politics of Change in Palestine: State-Building and Non-Violent Resistance

Wiebke Diehl

Das Selbstverständnis der Hisbollah. Libanon, Islam und die arabische Dimension in Hassan Nasrallahs Reden