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Dr. des. Bettina Gräf

Media Fatwas, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Media-Mediated Authority in Islam

Carola Richter

Virtual Mobilisation: The Internet and Political Activism in Egypt

Dr. Eugenia Siapera

Networked Palestine. Exploring Power in Online Palestinian Networks

Jan Scholz, Tobias Selge, Max Stille, Johannes Zimmermann

Listening to more than Islam. Approaching identities through the auditive dimension of podcasts

Matthias Brückner

Ein islamisches Tabakverbot? Untersuchung anhand moderner islamischer Rechtsgutachten

Dr. Abdel Hakim K. Al Husban, Dr. Mahmood Na'amneh

Primordial Ties Vis-à-Vis Citizenship: The Particularity of the Jordanian City


Seth G. Jones

In the Graveyard of Empires. America’s War in Afghanistan

Murat Belge

Genesis. „Büyük Ulusal Anlatı“ ve Türklerin Kökeni

Jim Dobbins

After the Taliban. Nation-Building in Afghanistan

Naif Bezwan

Türkei und Europa. Die Staatsdoktrin der Türkischen Republik, ihre Aufnahme in die EU und die kurdische Nationalfrage

Eva Patricia Rakel

Islam, and Political Elite in Iran. A Study on the Iranian Political Elite from Khomeini to Ahmadinejad

Patricia Crone

From Arabian Tribes to Islamic Empire. Army, State and Society in the Near East c. 600-850

Reidar Visser / Gareth Stansfield (eds.)

An Iraq of its Regions. Cornerstones of a Federal Democracy?

Antonio Giustozzi

Decoding the New Taliban. Insights from the Afghan Field