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Dr. Patrick Desplat

Beyond the Politics of ‘Othering’: Shifting Representations of Christian-Muslim Relations in Ethiopia

Dr. David Owusu-Ansah

The State and Islam in Ghana: A Review

Dr. Zachary Wright

The History of Islamic Identity in West Africa

Dr. Thomas Hüsken

Tribal Political Culture and the Revolution in the Cyrenaica of Libya

Dr. James N. Sater

The Arab Spring and Democratization in Morocco

Hanane El Boussadani

The Šiqāq-divorce under Moroccan Family Law A reading from a Court judgment


Khanna Omarkhali

Kurdish Reader. Modern Literature and Oral Texts in Kurmanji.

David Cook, Olivia Allison

Understanding and Addressing Suicide Attacks: The Faith and Politics of Martyrdom Operations

Michael Lüders

Tage des Zorns. Die arabische Revolution verändert die Welt

Jörg Armbruster

Der arabische Frühling. Als die islamische Jugend begann, die Welt zu verändern

Hein G. Kiessling

ISI und R&AW – Die Geheimdienste Pakistans und Indiens